Nancy A.

thankful and appreciative 

I am a Mom of three and an elementary school teacher on Long Island. I had a 5-hour brain surgery two years ago that resulted in losing my hearing on one side. In addition, I had to do months of intense vestibular therapy to work on my balance and vertigo issues post-surgery. For months, I had temporary facial paralysis and would tape my eye shut at night so that it would stay closed. 

I honestly never thought I would exercise again. My friend introduced me to Orangetheory and I was very intimidated at first. My biggest hurdle was getting my foot in the door. Once in, I was hooked. The coaches are so kind, helpful and willing to modify all exercises. They are all so extremely patient. I love wearing the heart monitor and seeing my own progress/results. It is so motivating and empowering. I am so hooked to OTF I don’t even know myself anymore!

"I initially signed up for two classes a week and quickly switched over to unlimited!"

I feel so much stronger especially coming from where I started. An added bonus is that I lost over 25 pounds in the first 3 months of joining. After having brain surgery, you just look at life differently. I have a deeper appreciation for everything and I am SO thankful for OTF. It is my sanity and my happy place! ❤️ Thank you!